Oil 4 Wales Fuel quality recognised by Federation of Petroleum Suppliers

We are extremely happy to confirm that our fuel has been recognised by the national body regulating standards in the industry. Our depot in Nantycaws has been accredited by the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers (FPS)’s Fuel Certification Scheme for the superiority of its fuel and storage facilities.   We are the only distributor in Wales to achieve the industry accreditation, the FPS Fuel Certification scheme ensures heating oil distributors are offering quality fuel to customers, as well as raising standards in the industry.   To achieve the accreditation, our kerosene, gas oil and diesel storage tanks were checked quarterly for particulate, water content and biological contaminants before being certified as being a clean, quality fuel.   Achievingaccreditation to the FPS Fuel Certification scheme is a significant milestone for the company. It demonstrates that the fuel we are supplying to our customers is of an excellent quality. As we continue to grow our customer base in our aim of becoming the national oil brand for Wales, being recognised by our industry body for the standard of our product and facilities will give new and existing customers peace of mind that what we are supplying has been tested for its cleanliness and is the best in the market.   At the same time as ensuring our products are of a high quality, we are investing time in educating consumers on the importance of cleaning and maintaining their heating oil tanks.  If we are supplying clean fuel then problems won’t occur if the customer also has a clean tank. We offer a full service in respect of cleaning tanks and should you simply require some advice please do not hesitate in contact us and one of our engineers will be happy to assist.